GSP shares thoughts on Aldo-McGregor matchup

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Georges St.-Pierre

One of the invulnerable fighters in his time, Georges St. Pierre had been watching the Aldo-McGregor word war and compares it to Silva-Sonnen.

“If I can make a comparison to you (Sonnen) and Anderson Silva, it’s a little to me—and I don’t know if I’m right—that Conor is getting into Aldo’s head. I don’t know but I guess we’ll find out in the fight,” said GSP

Aldo, who is what is left unbeaten from the era of invulnerable fighters – from Silva, Jones, GSP, Rousey – is probably facing his toughest fight. So far, GSP thinks that Aldo is letting McGregor in his head too much by falling into his tactics and it could affect the outcome of his match.

“Aldo is a very smart guy but McGregor, the way he trash talks, I think there is a purpose to it,” said GSP.

“Most of the guys who have fought Aldo have been a little intimidated because Aldo has an aura of invincibility; a bit like Anderson Silva back in the day, before you fought him.”

GSP said that it is all part of McGregor’s plan. On paper, Aldo is the #1 pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world. McGregor is quite aware of that and will do whatever it takes to win this match even in an unlikely way.

“Mentally, McGregor is trying to break that aura. He has to break it physically, too, so we’ll see. It will be an interesting fight. A nice clash of styles.”

GSP had been looking deeper into McGregor’s statements and actions. With Conor’s statements on Rousey’s defeat, GSP stated that he could be thinking on what if he loses to Aldo.

“With some of the stuff Conor has been saying [lately], I think he sat, studied some Jose Aldo tape and realised ‘Man, I’m in a tussle here too.”

“Conor has been laying some ground-work too. He was doing an interview about Ronda but, in truth, he was describing himself. He was saying champions get beat and that’s part of the sport… You’re listening to it saying ‘Conor, you’re talking about yourself here. You’re laying the ground-work.”

“That’s a real thing. You do think about losing.”

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