Identity of Woman Calling LeBron James Cry Baby Exposed, Shocking Details Revealed

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LeBron James got the shock of his life when he caught a woman gesturing and calling him a cry baby during their Christmas Day game against Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday.

The Golden State Warriors fan was caught red-handed in the act by James himself.

And now details about the identity of the woman have been revealed and you will be shocked to know who she is.

Mail Online reports that the woman is none other than wife of Sequoia Capital’s tech multi millionaire partner, Jim Goetz.


Alicia with her husband Jim Goetz

Alicia Goetz was seen making the cry baby gesture to her friend sitting beside with her hands as the millionaire basketball player was attempting to sell a foul during the first half of the game in Oakland’s Oracle Arena.

Seconds later, 30 year old James turns around and catches her red handed in the act.

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Alicia was caught red-handed in the act by James

Though James didn’t say anything to her but it was clear from the way he was staring her that he was certainly not happy with her gesture. Alicia on her part was left embarrassed at having been caught in the act and quickly changed her facial features and posture.

Goetz’s husband, Jim Goetz, is a partner at Sequoia Capital and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with estimates as high as $800million, according to ISFeed. He also holds a top spot at Forbes’ Midas list.

Sequoia Capital is a multi-billion-dollar venture firm and was responsible for Facebook acquiring WhatsApp in a $19billion deal and many other hefty tech deals.

The Christmas day game seemed to be a rematch of last season’s NBA finals between the two teams.

However, Alicia had the last laugh as Golden State Warriors defeated Cavaliers 89-83 to move to 28-1 in the season. State Warriors also improved their home record to 14-0.


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