IPTL 2015 Manila: Nadal Stuns Crowd; Indian Aces Stay Unbeaten

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Manila, 7th December 2015: Amidst the rapturous applause and flashing cameras, the Mallorcan Maestro, Rafael Nadal made his IPTL debut for the Micromax Indian Aces in Manila today.

It took the audiences many minutes to settle down after Nadal made his appearance on court, the crowds in disbelief that it was really him in front of their eyes. Nadal was a supportive team-mate on the bench, cheering and applauding every point won.

There was a deafening uproar when he took the court for the doubles with Dodig, and then for the singles match against Tomas Berdych.

It was an interesting match-up between two equally strong teams, both with two wins each under their belt. Ultimately, it was Micromax Indian Aces who took the match away with a full score, 30-18.


Royals coach JL De Jager won the toss and elected to serve and start with the mixed doubles.

The ace doubles chemistry of Mirza/Bopanna was too much to deal with for the Royals, the Aces winning the set 6-4.


The women’s singles saw Sam Stosur face-off with Ana Ivanovic. However, even a substitution with Mladenovic did not help the Royals, with the Aces winning it convincingly at 6-3.


The men’s legends singles saw some fine tennis with Santoro chipping and slicing the ball with his magical backhand strokes. In an evenly contested game, the Frenchman won it 6-3 over Ivanisevic.


Tennis fans got to see incredible doubles tennis action as well in the next match, with each team diving to win every point. The Aces were on a roll with 3 sets in the bag, and the Royals eager to get a win on the scoreboard. Ultimately, Nadal/Dodig won it for the Aces 6-3.


In the most awaited match of the evening, Nadal and Berdych showcased some top quality competitive tennis action, fighting point for point with absolute precision, taking the match all the way to the shoot-out. In a set that could have gone either way, it was Nadal who clinched victory for his team winning it 6-5.


With the win, the defending champions stay undefeated and will face the Philippine Mavericks on the last day of the Manila leg.


Day 2 | 7thDec’15

Match 9 | 4pm

Home TeamSCORE (GAMES)Away Team
Micromax Indian Aces

Coach: Fabrice Santoro

3018Obi UAE Royals

Coach: JL De Jager

MIXED DOUBLESMirza/Bopanna64Mladenovic/Nestor
WOMEN’S SINGLESSamantha Stosur63Ana Ivanovic
MEN’S LEGENDS SINGLESFabrice Santoro63Goran Ivanisevic
MEN’S DOUBLESNadal/Dodig63Nestor/Berdych
MEN’S SINGLESRafael Nadal65Tomas Berdych
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