Is Georges St.-Pierre making a return?

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Regarded as one of the best fighters to enter the Mixed Martial Arts scene, Georges St.-Pierre, at 34 years of age, may look into returning to the fighting scene once again.

Just recently, champion boxing trainer – Freddy Roach, confirmed that GSP contacted him and requested to be trained by him at the wild card gym.

“He’s very logical about (a possible return),” Roach said to

“He’s going to have a six-week training camp. We’re going to train every day like we’re having a fight, and at the end of the six weeks, if he feels he has the desire to go on with it — if he wants to fight — then we will fight again.”

“If he doesn’t, we’ll call it quits,” Roach added.

Obviously, Roach will be giving GSP the boxing training that he is requesting.

“I teach him boxing the best I can, but it’s still not his best asset — going to the ground is,” Roach said.

“He’s getting better at boxing, not at a world-champion-caliber, but better.”


GSP’s return will probably be a huge crowd draw for the UFC and CEO Dana White is quite doubtful about the possibility.

“I highly doubt it’s going to happen because GSP’s been off for too long and has a ton of money,” White said. “You don’t do a six-week camp to learn if you have the hunger. You either know it or not. Robbie Lawler knows it, he’s hungry, he trains like an animal.

The doubts of Dana White came in with the impression of that GSP might not take his return seriously.

“You’re either hungry and an animal or you’re not,” said White.

“It’d be great if he comes back, yes, I love Georges St-Pierre — amazing athlete — but comeback talk? I laugh at it. To be a world champion, you have to be hungry.

“That’s not GSP. Not even close.”

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