Jahlil Okafor regrets Boston scuffle

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Jahlil Okafor-Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers center Jahlil Okafor expressed regret and shame for his actions that happened outside a bar in Boston with some friends spent last week.

Okafor said, “I was definitely dumb on my part. It’s something I’m embarrassed about. I’m still dealing with the league and the team but I’m not happy about it all. We’re still going through the process of what we’re going to do.”

According to a source, the hecklers were yelling that the 76ers suck and they are all losers, and that they’ll never win a game.

“I was around the corner when it happened. I saw him [Okafor] a minute after he knocked the dude out. I think the guy was just talking s—t. Saying the Sixers suck.” Added the source.

The 76ers released a statement regarding the matter.

“We are aware of the report and we are currently working to gather additional information. Until that time, we will have no further comment,” the team said.

As of last Friday, there are still no plans by the police to start an investigation.

The 76ers are the only team in the NBA today without a win. Okaford said, he told his coach Brett Brown about the incident in their plane ride to Houston.

So far, the league or 76ers management has yet to set a sanction on Okafor’s actions.

He is still expected to play Friday night.

76ers coach Brett Brown said, they will just settle the matter internally, so as not to make a big fuss out of it. “This is not something that we dismiss. We pay attention. We walk that line of doing what we need to help educate and discipline anybody and help them understand if the situation were to present itself again, how you are going to handle it.”

The Sixers don’t have a curfew as per the management, but the team expects the players to make responsible decisions.

Brown added that it’s a learning experience for the young Okafor, being one of the youngest in the league today.

“The embarrassment is the toughest part about the situation. I’m ashamed of what I did and that’s not who I am. Everybody that reached out to me that’s in my circle, they know that’s not who I am. I have a great support system, and they will continue to support me,” said Okafor.

Boston police said on Friday that they do no plan to investigate unless someone involved, who is a victim of the incident comes forward.

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