Jeremy Lin Emerges as Most Important Player for Hornets

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Jeremy Lin might not be putting up the same numbers as he had during the Linsanity era in New York, but his impact for the re-surging Charlotte Hornets has been immense this season.

Lin, who is averaging 12 points, 3 boards and 3 dimes a game per ESPN stats, has become the Hornets’ all-around utility guy, providing the team what it needs from him every single ball-game.

Charlotte Hornets blog writer Jerry Stephens pointed this out in his latest blog on Swarm & Sting FanSided, even calling the combo guard one of the most valuable players for the Hornets’ current campaign.

Despite not boasting gaudy numbers, Stephens believed Lin’s versatility has played a key role why the Hornets are still in the thick of a very competitive Eastern Conference playoff race.

Lin’s ability to shift roles every night from a scorer to ball facilitator to even becoming the team’s toughest perimeter defender allowed Steve Clifford and the Hornets to offset the injuries to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Nicolas Batum.

The former Harvard standout is shooting over 40 percent on the floor (30.1 percent from rainbow territory), while putting up the team’s fourth best defensive rating at 99.1 in 26 minutes per contest.  In addition, Lin’s +1.7 plus/minus rating is currently the second best for the Hornets.

“Everything that the Charlotte Hornets have asked of Lin this season, he has successfully done. He can lead the team in scoring one night, assists another night, defend the other team’s best perimeter player, and every night he will give the team everything that he’s got to try to get a win,” Stephens stressed.

Setting his hazardous spiky hair aside, Lin proved that he can be an integral part of a team without scoring the ball. After living and struggling in a hype created by Linsanity three years ago, it seems to be that he has finally settled down and accepted a role he knows he can excel.

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