Jon Jones and Daniel Cornier fight it out on Instagram

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Jon Jones and Daniel Cornier are due to fight on April 23. But the UFC fighters are already sweating it out outside the Octagon taking their fight to social media.

Both Jones and Cornier have slammed down one another on Instagram with their photoshopping skills. The social media spat happened on Tuesday when Jones posted a photo to his Instagram page.

The photo also gives out the information of their scheduled fight. However, in place of the UFC light heavyweight champion’s face, Jones photoshopped the image of Family Matters’ Carl Winslow.

Cornier certainly wasn’t happy with the fact that his face was replaced by Winslow. So he went on and did the same with Jones. Digging into his own reserve of television characters, Cornier immediately retaliated back and replaced Jones’ face with Tyrone Biggums. Tyrone Biggus is a fictional, drug-addicted character from Dave Chappelle’s classic Chappelle’s Show. 

“Thanks to all the fans who took time to send me something to retaliate with. It’s so easy that I almost feel bad touching on it. #glasshouse #knock #nickybarnes,” he posted.

Cornier however, deleted the post soon after.

Judging by their latest social media fight, it definitely looks that the UFC 197 fight night between Jon Jones and Daniel Cornier is going to be fun and interesting.

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