Keselowski wins Las Vegas’ NASCAR race

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Bradley Keselowski has won the NASCAR Sprint Cup series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday. Keselowski rebounded from a pit-road speeding penalty earlier in the race and drove his car from third to first in the last 20 laps of the race to win for the second time in three years at Las Vegas on Sunday.

It was not an easy race for Keselowski. The American car racer has trouble holding onto the American flag and checkered flag after the race, he accidentally dropped the American flag while spinning around. Keselowski’s error with the American flag drew boos from the big crowd, but when he picked up the flag and waved it again the crowd started to cheer again.

Keselowski started the race on the front row along with teammate Joey Logano, but the duo were quickly passed by Kyle Busch, who moved toward the lead.

Busch tired to keep his lead as the race trudged on through sandstorm, a little bit of rain and gusting winds over the last 50 laps. But Busch couldn’t stop Keselowski, who has enough fuel to the end.

Then, things started to get better for Keselekowski, on lap 259 of the 267 lap race he passed teammate Joey Logano. Then, with the remaining six laps, he got Busch and the entire race is over.

Team Penseke teammate Joey Logano ended up finishing second while Kyle Busch fell to fourth just behind Jimmie Jonhson, who was trying to get his 77th win.

“There at the end, I didn’t know if a tire was coming off or what. And there at the end, I was trying to give it everything I had, but it would just not turn. It just go so tight, it was the tightest we were all day,” Kyle Busch said, via the IndyStar.

“It just seemed like we could never put it together with the way the cautions kept falling,” said Bradley Keselowski, via the SpeedWay Digest.

Born in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Kelelowski started his NASCAR career in 2004. Keselowski is one of the four drivers that have won a championship in both the Sprint Cup series and Xfinity Series. In addition to the Sprint Cup Series, Keselowski has also competed in a limited number of Camping World Truck Series races.

Picture Courtesy: Tsumami330/Wikimedia Commons

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