Kevin Durant defends OKC’s ‘Iso-ball’, believes Thunder can be good as the Spurs even with different system

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Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant described the San Antonio Spurs’ system as “great basketball” but admitted that they have to do things differently with his team and that they can achieve the same success even with the different offensive styles.

“Look, we’re not the San Antonio Spurs. We’re not going to make 30 passes in a possession. We’re not that. Of course people want us to be that. That’s great basketball, don’t get me wrong, but we’re not that,” Durant said via a tweet from Royce Young of ESPN.

“We’ve got guys that can score. We’ve got two guys on this team that can get a bucket. There’s going to be times we gotta ISO [isolation]. There’s going to be times we gotta be aggressive to look for our shot or make a play.”

Durant went on to state that “basketball is simple” and that teams just maximize the talent of their players and their skills.

“But basketball is simple, when you got a guy that can get into the paint, that’s what San Antonio wants to do, but they’ve got guys, multiple guys that’ll pass, pass, dribble, get to the paint,” Durant added.

“But we’ve got guys, Russell, [Westbrook] myself, Dion [Waiters], Cameron Payne, we can get into the paint, kick out or dump down for a layup. That’s ultimately what you want, get the defense off balance, drive, kick, make the right play. Simple basketball, but we just don’t make five or six passes before we do it sometimes. And that’s not a knock against us I don’t think. We’ve got dynamic guys that can play and do different things on the floor, I think that’s to your advantage.”

Durant and Westbrook lead the Thunder in scoring at 26.6 points and 23.9 points per game, respectively but the pair has been criticized for their style of play throughout their career. Known more for their individual skills with the ball, the Thunder duo has so far come up short of winning an NBA title.

The Thunder are currently in third place in the Western Conference with a 33-13 record, six games behind second place Spurs, who have 38 wins against 6 losses.

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