Know why Kobe gave two fans a signed pair of shoes

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Kobe Bryant had his final stop in Denver on Wednesday night. Many fans lined up to get his autograph.

And he happily signed them too. During the end of the game, Kobe signed a total of around 50 autographs. Not only this, he even thanked thousands of Los Angeles Lakers fans who showed up for the game. The Lakers lost to Denver Nuggets, 117-107.

However, there were two lucky fans who got his game-worn shoes. But here is the twist.

They received the shoes but only after earning them.

FOX Sports reports that after the game, Bryant told reporters that four fans (a pair of boys and a pair of young women) asked about his dog’s name. But Bryant gave them a hint that it’s based on a character from the Harry Potter book series and asked them to guess the name.

It was only after 15 tries that the boys finally guessed his dog’s name. In return, Bryant gave them his sneakers.

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“No, they earned them,” Bryant said.

“They wanted to know what the name of my pet dog was so I gave them a clue. I said ‘it’s in a (Harry) Potter film.’ So every time, they threw out like 15 names. The deal was if they got it, I’d give them my shoes. And they got it.”

Bryant has a black lab that is named Crucio after one of the three Unforgivable Curses.

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