Kyrie Irving is an Illuminati? Check details

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Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers had a huge win over San Antonio Spurs, 117-103 on Saturday. But the win created another controversy thanks to Kyrie Irving, who has found himself in the midst of a new controversy thanks to his new tattoo.

Irving debuted a new tattoo during the game with Spurs. After Cavaliers win, Irving took to Instagram and posted a photo with the hash tag ‘#HamsaHand’. His new tattoo was visible for everyone to see.

Traditionally, the Hamsa Hand is a spiritual symbol that provides protection from the evil eye. The word ‘hamsa’ generally means ‘five’ and refers to the digits on the hand.

Great home win. #ontothenext #HamsaHand

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As soon as Irving posted the picture, fans went berserk. People started claiming that Irving has an ‘all-seeing eye’ tattoo, which implies that Kyrie is a member of the Illuminati.

Illuminati is an Enlightment era secret society whose goals were to oppose superstition and religious influence over public life. Many conspiracy theories are related to Illuminati with many reports claiming that many high-profile celebrities and politicians owe their fame to this secret society.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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