LA Lakers in unfamiliar territory

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The Los Angeles Lakers during its yesteryears were one of the hottest teams in town.

Now, they are in an unfamiliar territory they did not imagine they would be at. After a stinging 111-77 loss to the still unbeaten Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, Lakers’ main man Kobe Bryant said his ‘poor performance’ is not the only thing bothering the team.

The former NBA MVP went 1-of-14 from the field against Golden State, tallying just four points in 25 minutes of action on court. This is a far cry from his 31.1 shooting percentage average this season. Pointing out that individual performance is not the main hurdle his team is facing, he cited that they have bigger problems they have to address to.

“My shooting will improve. I could have made 80 tonight but it wouldn’t have made a big difference. It’s not just my performance, we just have biggest problems.”

Bryant added that even if he averages 35 per outing, the Lakers’ 2-12 dismal record will not be that better.

It is not a one-man show for the Lakers, so Kobe wants to clear the air in their team. Other teams in the league are also experiencing the same dilemma this early in the season.

“We have to figure out how to play systematically in a position that’s going to keep us in ball games,” said Bryant.

According to a report, maybe it is time to play the Black Mamba off the bench to give way to the fresh legs of the team. After all, at 37 years of age, Kobe may be feeling some signs of aging that could be factors as to why consistency on his game is not evident as of late.

The Lakers will be playing back-to-back games as they Portland (6-10) on Saturday night then the Indiana Pacers the following night. They are currently on a four-game losing skid with an average losing margin of 20.75 points.

Prior to their 77-111 loss to the Warriors, the Lakers, even with a 2-11 record then, were touted to snap Golden State’s winning streak as the Warriors might take them lightly. But, things still favored the Warriors.

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