LeBron credits Michael Jordan’s impact on his career, business

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Michael Jordan-LeBron James

Like all of the players dubbed to be the “next Michael Jordan”, LeBron James is trying his best to live up to the hype from both inside and outside the basketball court.

Just look at the number LBJ is wearing on his jersey, the number 23 has become one of his major influences in life from his basketball career and businesses.

“He’s done it as well as anyone can do it as far as present (playing) career and post, so you’re always kind of watching,” James said.

James is saying that Jordan is not just the G.O.A.T. but also a trendsetter to all basketball players. Being the sport of the youth, once it leaves you – the game will also too. But with Jordan, he shown that there is life after basketball.

In owning a shoe brand and owning the Charlotte Hornets basketball team, Jordan made a blue print on what basketball players should do with their money – that is to invest. Players like Shaquille O’Neil (part-owning the Kings) and Grant Hill (minority owner of the Hawks) are evidently following Jordan’s lead.

“And it’d be great for anyone who can come in and own a ballclub, that would be pretty cool stuff, and also his brand, it continues to make an impact. So it’s pretty awesome to see what he’s still able to do after being away from the game for so long,” said James.

James, following the Jordan blueprint has his own company (LRMR Marketing and Branding) has also been named as a minority owner of the Liverpool Football Team.

“I mean, I’ve positioned myself for a long time for whatever I want to do, if I want it,” he said.

With James turning 31, retirement in the next 5-8 years could come quickly and life beyond basketball will become a present for him.

For now, the main focus of LeBron is to position the Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals and fulfill his promise to bring a championship to Cleveland.

“But the main thing right now is positioning this team to be as great as we can be. That’s my only concern. That’s the main thing, and that’s the only thing on my mind right now. Obviously I have a lot of stuff going on, but I have a team for that and they take care of it, and when my input is needed, I’ll give it. But this is the position that I’m in right now.”

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