Lebron James praises Golden State Warriors

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Healthy. Close to perfection. Almost spotless.

These are just some of the words one could use on how they’d describe the Golden State Warriors today. Apart from the fact that they are out to defend the crown, NBA superstar Lebron James also thinks it’s beyond the talented members.

There is no secret to the Warriors’ success so far this season but being healthy. That is how the Cleveland sees it. The Warriors do have the reigning MVP in Stephen Curry, but the biggest blessing to the team, as people would see it, aside from Lebron’s observation is that, they have this knack of avoiding injuries.

NBA players, starters or not, are in the news every now and then due to injuries. From eye injuries, to knee injuries, to ankle sprains, to leg injuries.

“I think it comes with a lot of health,” says James when asked to comment about the Warriors being at their best start to a season with a spotless 15-0 card.

“To me, they’ve been healthy and they’ve been the healthiest team I have ever seen in NBA history. Save for the great talent, those guys all play for one common goal, and that is to win.”

Except maybe for Warriors center Andrew Bogut, who suffered different injuries in the past seasons, the core of the team has remained healthy and injury-free as of date.

James also noted that being intact in a way also helped the Warriors reached where they are right now. And eventually, reached a place they have never been to…the NBA history.

“They’ve been consistent and they have been playing at a high level for so long.”

Lebron’s own team, Cleveland, are missing four of their top eight players due to a string of injuries. Kyrie Irving is still out due to a left knee injury, Iman Shumpert due to a right wrist fracture, Timofey Mozgov due to a right shoulder injury, and Mo Williams due to a right ankle sprain.

Injuries are things beyond a player’s control. What they can do is to control what they’re doing on the floor. But there are accidents or injuries that are unavoidable.

As a team, Golden State has not been totally healthy per se. Luke Walton had to fill in for Coach Steve Kerr as the latter recovers from two off-season back surgeries.

“You can’t compare the loss of a coach to the loss of a key player. It would be more impressive if all these are happening without Stephen Curry in the team right now. Then, that would be an interesting conversation to talk about.”

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