Louis van Gaal Leaves Manchester United?

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Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat to Norwich City at Old Trafford on Saturday has mounted further pressure on United boss, Louis van Gaal.

The club, the players and the fans are certainly not happy with United’s lacklustre performance. The last straw of course was the knock out from Champions League and since then talks of Van Gaal going out have escalated all the more.

Supporters at Old Trafford in the Saturday’s match even chanted Jose Mourinho’s name as Van Gaal’s replacement.

United have not even won a match in six games in all competitions, prompting many to blame Van Gaal’s rigid tactics which is far removed from United’s traditions for the team’s dismal performance.

Van Gaal’s run in the team has almost run out.

After Saturday’s defeat, Mail Online quotes defender Phil Jones saying, “The players in there aren’t hiding behind anyone. We know full well we have to take responsibility. The manager is doing all he can and is doing a terrific job.”

“It’s not even questionable in the dressing room. The lads are absolutely fully focused on performing well for the manager, the fans, ourselves.”

The reality however, is somewhat different. There are talks of mutiny behind the scenes going around. As Mail Online reports, talks of secret meetings by the players in an attempt to change the team tactics are swirling around with great intensity. United’s senior managers too are tired of Van Gaal while the club’s Spanish contingent are convinced that Van Gaal needs to be replaced.

Van Gaal failed to register even a single vote for his retention as United manager according to a fan website poll with Jose Mourinho, Ryan Giggs and Pep Guardiola as top favorites.

It has been a dismal year for United at the Premier League this season and now the results are wide open for everyone to see. During Saturday’s performance, Van Gaal looked desperate and out of ideas. It seemed as if he just sat there for the match to get over and hurry back home having realised the fact that his run at United is over.

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