Luke Rockhold On Chris Weidman: “I’m Going To Finish Him!”

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American MMA fighter, Luke Rockhold is set to challenge Chris Weidman’s undefeated record and for the UFC Middleweight Championship this coming December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Arena in UFC 194.

In preparation for the challenge, Rockhold is training with light heavyweights and heavyweights on wrestling.

“I just got done sparring Daniel Cormier,” said Rockhold.

“I’ve been sparring Cain (Velasquez) and Cormier my whole career, basically, so I’m very used to the bigger, better wrestlers of the UFC and beyond. (They are) the best guys in the game and much bigger (than Weidman), so I’m used to the pressure.”

With that said, Weidman claims that his ground fighting will be his key in defeating Rockhold.

“Weidman has to think twice if he thinks his wrestling is going to dictate where the fight takes place, because I deal with that s**t every day.”

Weidman, who has been the conqueror of Anderson Silva (twice), has been creating a lot of buzz in the MMA world and even tells everyone that he is the real deal and everyone should get in the Weidman bandwagon.

“I’m not really concerned about prior résumé. I know exactly who he fought. We’ve fought the same guys,” Rockhold said. ”

Rockhold, on the other hand, has been studying how Weidman got the wins and he is very confident that he holds the strategy to stop his winning ways.

“I know how he fought them, and I know how I fought them. I’ve fought some very, very tough guys in my time. Chris is about to find out, he’s got a lot of holes in his game and he just hasn’t fought anybody who’s been able to exploit them until now. He’s going to fight a guy who’s not going to… I’m not going to sit there and cower down and let him control the ring. I’m going to stop him in the middle of the cage, I’m going to dominate him, and then I will finish him.”


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