Mayweather responds to Canelo rematch challenge

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With the aftermath of the recently concluded Alvarez-Cotto match which resulted in Canelo winning by unanimous decision, there had been rumors that Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., is interested on taking on the Mexican champion.

Mayweather, who talked to FightHype.com, denied that he is interested in the said bout and belittled the achievements on the new “torch bearer” of boxing.

“Canelo, you a good fighter, but you already know what it is when you face me, boy. Class is in session!”

The “Moneyman” compares Alvarez to his former foes as someone who tried but still bowed down to his boxing skills.

“I faced Canelo, [Miguel] Cotto, and [Manny] Pacquiao, and I know who’s the best out of the three. I know how they all rate, and I know something all three of them guys got in common…. They got their ass whooped by me.”

Mayweather, who is currently retired, seemed to be content with his contributions to the sport and believes that history will credit him as the greatest boxer of all time.

“So this is for everybody that’s always speaking about my accomplishments and everything that I’ve done. When the history books is written and when we’re all gone, there’s only going to be one m———-n’ name that they’re talking about and that’s Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather!

For now, with Mayweather still looking able to fight at the highest level, he will always be linked to the anointed best fighter in present times. The talks with him returning once again from retirement is something that fans still clamor.

Retiring at 49-0, wouldn’t Floyd “Money” Mayweather try to finish with a 50-0?  That would look good in the record books.

At the moment, knowing how Floyd Mayweather thinks, he will only come back knowing that a huge amount of money will be involved  and at the same time, will look if he can win the fight in his own “Mayweather” terms.

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