McLaren chairman Ron Dennis wants Hamilton to lessen his partying

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Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes

McLaren chairman Ron Dennis is the one who helped Hamilton rise from the ashes and it is understandable if he gives some fatherly advice to the F1 racer.

The man who funded Hamilton’s rise from obscurity to stardom recently said that he does not approve of Hamilton’s partying lifestyle.

Hamilton, now at Mercedes admits he has discovered drink in recent months and even blamed a recent road accident on exhaustion caused by partying.

Dennis who described himself as Hamilton’s surrogate father, said: “If he was at McLaren he wouldn’t be behaving the way he is because he wouldn’t be allowed to.”

“He’s shaking off some chains he didn’t want to have. I look at him with mixed emotions.”


McLaren chairman Ron Dennis

The world champion first met Dennis at the Autosport Awards show when he was a 12 year old karting prodigy. He asked Dennis for his autograph and a drive. A year later Dennis took him under his fold and turned him into the most prepared driver in Formula One history.

Dennis further said: “It was an interesting experience for everybody and it wasn’t completely smooth and harmonious. I don’t approve of everything he does or says but, nevertheless, great athletes are great because of the sacrifices they have to make.”

“Sometimes sacrifices are in a formative part of their childhood so they don’t always emerge with all the right social process or behaviour or tendencies that you like.”

Relations between the two are however strained. Hamilton left McLaren at the end of 2012 and joined Mercedes to gain greater freedom. He also dispensed the services of his father, Anthony as his manager five years ago to enjoy more liberty and freedom.

According to reports Anthony has not been to any of Hamilton’s race this year and a close friend of the Hamiltons revealed that his father’s side of the family is “upset” at not seeing Lewis as much as they would like. It is said that they are the only people who are honest with the driver and this troubles him amid the sycophancy and frenzy that is now part of his world.

Hamilton is in Dubai now for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and aims to end the season on a high note. He was seen enjoying an afternoon racing around on a dune buggy in the desert of Dubai on Wednesday.


Lewis Hamilton enjoyed an afternoon racing around on a dune buggy in the desert on Wednesday

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