Meet JayR Mallari, the Filipino-American barber to the NBA stars

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We all know that NBA players have to be sharp on the hardcourt, and it takes laborious hours of practice and workouts to be in tip-top shape. Outside of the arena, there is one man who makes sure they look spiffy and on point.

Los Angeles-based JayR Mallari, a Filipino-American, is what you can call the “barber to NBA stars.”

Among his big-named clients are Golden State superstar and reigning MVP Stephen Curry, Houston Rockets’ James Harden, and LA Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan. And when it comes to the ballers’ locks, Mallari is certainly a cut above the rest.

JayR Mallari-Stephen CurryThe California-born (Vallejo) Mallari first made noise after being featured on Hype Beast. He went from buzzing his friends and relatives inside a cramped garage to making house calls and rubbing elbows with some of the world’s biggest names in basketball.

Before becoming a household name, the then 12-year-old Mallari started chopping away locks inside his family’s garage, giving relatives and friends haircuts and worked at a local barber shop.

He made the move to Los Angeles a few years ago and now works at the well-known Legends Barber shop where he continues to master his craft.

Mallari snips his clients’ hair and put in work. He is to his scissors like what Picasso is to his canvas.

“I really believe God put me in certain situations to grow and to not only better myself but to bless others. As time went on, I gained experience and just started cutting different celebrities, different athletes, I became comfortable with the understanding they’re human beings just like us, and in order to give them great service, you just treat them like yourself,” shared Mallari.

“I learned so much about myself, about clients, just about growing individually on how to be a better barber. There was one thing about just cutting hair but to actually be a better barber,” he added.

Check out this video of Mallari and some of his world-famous clients.



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