Meisha Tate challenges Holly Holm

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UFC Women’s #1 bantamweight title contender, Meisha Tate, has been owed by Dana White a title fight after beating Jessica Eye and she is now trying to collect on what is due.

Right now, Tate is selling the fight to happen and told Fox Sports why she should be the next in line to fight Holm.

“Here’s why I think the fight with Holly and I makes sense — for one, I haven’t ever fought Holly before. For two, I was Ronda’s biggest challenge until Holly so obviously I’ve proven that I’m a standout in the division and so is Holly,” Tate

With Ronda Rousey out for the next 6 months, the fight could actually make sense and the winner could probably fight whoever Rousey fights next.

“If Holly would beat me, then they could still set up that great rematch that they want between her and Ronda. If I beat Holly then I’m 5-0 and I beat the girl who beat Ronda, what better case could they ever make to have me fight Ronda again? I think that fight sells itself.”

Before Holm, Tate had two matches that lost to Rousey and was the only fighter that went through 3 rounds before falling to Rousey. Since then, Tate was the only fighter that was considered a challenge to Rousey. Still, Dana White would not like to see Tate fight Rousey for the third time.

“The only reason I didn’t get that title shot was because I had fought Ronda twice already. That was it. Other than that, I am the No. 1 contender. I’ve been the No. 1 contender and I worked my ass off to get to be the No. 1 contender,” Tate said.

Tate also proposed a timeline for her potential fight with Holm and with the time frame she gave, it will allow Ronda to rest a bit.

“In my mind, I think this fight should go to me in the mean time in maybe three months and then as Ronda’s filming her movie and getting what she needs to get to recover. I think for Ronda’s first fight back, if she wants it to be a title shot, I think that it should be because I think she’s earned that.

“The thing is she’s going to be out too long and I’m ready to go and I think Holly’s ready to go so let’s set it up in the mean time. When Ronda comes back she’ll have a quality champion to face.”

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