Metta World Peace had Bryant sign his farewell letter

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Call him crazy and unpredictable but Metta World Peace is one of Kobe Bryant’s most memorable teammates and it is quite likely that one of the most affected person in his retirement is him.

As reported by Arash Markazi – when Metta World Peace knew about the news that his teammate sent out a letter to the fans in attendance of the Pacers-Lakers match at the Staples Center, he then wanted a copy and wanted Kobe to sign the letter.

With World Peace’s reaction on the letter he only uttered, “This is really nice!” – referring to how it is written. He then followed with, “This is crazy… but this is nice”.

World Peace, was memorably known as Kobe’s teammate that picked him up when he was having an off night during Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. The 3-point dagger that Metta World Peace drained during the last minute – which Kobe assisted to him – it was all history. With a win on that night, Kobe has now 5 championship rings to wear and one that he will share with Metta World Peace.

Before their Laker days together, Metta World Peace (who was formerly known as Ron Artest) had their rivalry days when he was still playing for the Rockets back in 2009. Most especially during the Western Conference Semi-Finals when they traded elbows and a garded each other most of the time. The series went to a Game 7 in which the Lakers prevailed and went further to win the 2009 NBA championship.

World Peace and Bryant parted ways in 2013. Bryant started to have injuries while World Peace had a mediocre year in New York followed by a short stint in China. Two years after, the two former teammates reunite and now, Artest will witness the last dance of Kobe Bryant.

When World Peace finally got the letter back from Kobe, his teammate and comrade added as simple note – “Love you like a brother forever”

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