UFC News: WATCH Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping almost caused a brawl during media event

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Michael Bisping loves to trash talk and get into his opponent’s head.

He tried to do the same with his Feb 27 opponent.

But sadly, his trick fell flat and Michael Bisping fell victim in his own trap, for Anderson Silva beat Bisping at his own game.

Yes, that’s right.

Anderson Silva is a long-time middleweight champion and is also one of the greatest fighters in MMA history.

So, you can imagine now that with his years of experience, Silva is not the one to mess with.

But unfortunately, that is what exactly happened.

Sadly, Michal Bisping tried to embarrass Anderson Silva at an open workout session on Thursday. But he forgot that Bisping is not the one to mess with.

As FOX Sports reports, Bisping tried to mess with Silva on his way out, but forgot that no one trolls as hard as “The Spider”.

The incident happened when both of them were at an open workout session practising for their upcoming Feb 27 fight.

Bispig walked over to Silva who was conducting interviews at that time.

Both of them exchanged warm pleasantries.

“There he is,” Bisping said. Extending his hand, he then said, “See you in London, my friend.”

“See you,” Silva said back.

“Good luck, buddy. Say hi [to] your family,” Silva added.

Everything was going fine until after the hug, Michael opened his mouth and retorted back saying, “No Viagra”.

Silva was suspended for testing positive for banned substances in his last fight. In his disciplinary hearing, Silva gave the excuse that he only took sexual-enhancing and sleep aid drugs.

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And from thereon, the verbal exchange of jabs started.

Immediately after Michael’s Viagra comment, Silva replied back: “No. No, just my punches in your face.”

As he said this, people around began to laugh and perhaps this is what infuriated Bisping.

He then turns around and repeats Silva’s words: “My chin to your chin.”

Bisping then took things to new level and calling Silva “old” touched his beard.

Silva then responded back saying, “I’m champion for a long time, remember?” With this single sentence, Silva reminded Bisping that he has never competed for a world title.

In the end, people had to intervene and separate the heated duo.

Check the video below and you’ll know what I mean.

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