UFC FIght Night 84: Michael Bisping blames referees on mouthpiece controversy

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Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping won the UFC Fight Night 84 main event held in London by defeating one of the greatest fighters of all time, Anderson Silva. The fight that went into five rounds saw great punches and fine legworks. Fighting through eye pokes, cuts and a bloody nose, Bisping won the fight by unanimous decision.

However, the fight was not without a controversy.

As luck would have it, during the final seconds of the third round, Bisping’s mouth piece fell off. He signaled to the referee but to his ill luck, the fight continued.

Michael signaled to the referee again. But just as he was motioning it, he received a sharp flying knee from Silva. Michael dropped immediately as the bell rang.

Chaos soon ensued as Silva thought that he won the fight. But referee, Herb Dean told him to continue and the fight soon started.

Although, Bisping ultimately emerged as the winner, he however, is not happy with the officiating. He blames Dean for the stitches on his face.

“Well, my mouthpiece left my mouth. We weren’t exchanging blows. Of course he was trying to stalk me down, I was using my footwork to back away,” Bisping said, reports Bloody Elbow.

“I was talking to Herb Dean, saying ‘Herb, my mouthpiece!’ I don’t want to lose my teeth. Contrary to popular belief, the British all don’t have bad teeth. Mine are okay.”

“I don’t know. I blame Herb Dean for all of this,” Bisping said, pointing to his stitches. “I think.”

Michael Bisping has now won three fights in a row.

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Fellow fighters were quick to respond about the fight results on Twitter.

“Congrats @bisping on beating the legend @SpiderAnderson what war and the diversity you went through. Well done,” Roy Nelson tweeted.

“Great fight. Judges got it right. Can’t take off 90% of the fight. @bisping just showed how to rally. #UFCLondon,” Joe Lauzon posted on Twitter.

However, some didn’t agree with the result too.

“Regardless of nationality…..I will never fight in England. THAT WAS NOT A HONEST ACTION BY JUDGES,” Raphael Assuncao posted.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Official Michael Bisping


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