Michael Schumacher Latest: F1 legend recovering from his battle

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It has been two years since Michael Schumacher suffered a life-threatening head injury in the French Alps. However, very little news of the German legend has reached the general public since his family has been very protective of his privacy.

The seven-time Formula One world champion was taken to the Grenoble Hospital after the accident and was placed under medical supervision for a severe head injury with coma. Schumacher’s doctors described the condition as ‘extremely serious’ and a second operation was required to reduce the swelling on his brain.

After three months in the hospital, Michael Schumacher was shifted to his family home on the shores of Lake Geneva. Despite Michael staying at home, the race for recovery was touted to be a long one rather than a sprint race which many would have liked.

However, despite spending a long time at his own residence, little information about how Schumacher is progressing has been revealed. It’s still unknown whether the former Ferrari legend has come out of his difficult state or not.

Sabine Kehm, long-time manager of Michael Schumacher did come up with a statement mentioning that the 47-year-old was “making progress”. However, she was quick to advise the fans of being patient considering the seriousness of the injury Michael has suffered.

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Since Schumacher’s manager gave her statement, little news was heard regarding the situation. However, former Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo did come up with a statement.

“I have news and unfortunately it is not good” Montezemolo said.

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Other than these the recovery news of Michael Schumacher has remained a complete blackout. Michael is no doubt one of the most iconic sport superstars of this generation and his recovery remains a prime concern amongst his followers. However, with no positive news, there seems to be no glimmer of hope.

The race to recovery for Schumacher seems more to be a Le Mans rather than a grand prix. To his fans it doesn’t matter as long as the German racing sensation recovers to full health. However, being in the dark regarding his news doesn’t help.

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