Schumacher Update: F1 driver ‘not good’ according to ex-boss

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Formula 1 (F1) legend Michael Schumacher’s health “is not good” according to his former boss Luca di Montezemolo. However, the Italian businessman has refused to elaborate on the subject.

“I have news and unfortunately it is not good” Montezemolo said, as reported by

The German legend is receiving intensive treatment privately at his residence in Switzerland. Schumacher suffered severe injuries in a skiing accident in France in December 2013.

“Life is strange. He was a fantastic driver and only had one accident with Ferrari in 1999.” Montezemolo added.

According to motor racing insiders a team of 15 expert personnel are looking after Schumacher round the clock and are hoping of a medical miracle.

There were also reports last Christmas claiming that the 47-year-old was beginning to take small steps and was on his way back to recovery. However, as time stands no further update on his health has surfaced and only time will hold the correct answer.

The seven-time world champion Schumacher is receiving treatment which costs around £150,000 (US $216,000) a week. Around £20 million (US 28.84 million) has been spent so far.

The German’s daily care involves monitoring all the activities of his vital organs, washing him and preventing bedsores. His family and his wife Corrina remain confident of his recovery.

“Michael is still fighting, and we must keep fighting with the family.” Jean Todt, FIA President and close friend of Schumacher said last year.

Jean Todt visited Pope Francis to discuss about the “Save Kids’ Lives” campaign where he asked Pope to pray for Schumacher’s recovery, according to a report by NDTV Sports.

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