Michael Schumacher Update: News on the Formula One racer’s ‘walking’ rumors

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The latest update on Michael Schumacher suggested that his condition was ‘not good’. Former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo visited the former formula one driver at his residence and was on the negative when sharing his views on the driver’s health conditions.

Michael Schumacher suffered a skiing accident back in 2013, following which he is recovering from an induced coma. If recent traits are to be believed, the German doesn’t look to get back into normal routine anytime in the near future. Although the doctors have predicted a miraculous recovery on the cards, it all depends on the driver’s will power and eagerness to get back to normal life.

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There are many reports circulating regarding the improved health condition of Schumacher. However, one must be careful since most of the positive news may have unreliable or false sources.

Sabine Kehm, the official spokesperson of Michael Schumacher is the only credible source available. There has been no official update regarding the improvement in health condition of the seven-time formula one world champion.

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There has been rumors circulating stating that Schumacher was seen walking and that the 47-year-old is improving on his health. Although the news might be exciting for the well-wishers of the German driver, it has not been confirmed by any credible sources.

Kehm did not officially confirm the rumors, but she did not deny it either. The claims have based their theory on the latter.

It should be a careful reminder for the fans not to fall into rumors which are not from a trusted source. One might be relieved of the news of Schumacher’s recovery, but will eventually be disappointed.

Michael Schumacher’s family has requested for privacy and wants the fallen F1 driver to recover in peace. They have stated that repeated false claims of the driver doing well are actually causing more harm than good.

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