MLB 2015: Toronto Blue Jays Bag AL East Title After 22 Years

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The Toronto Blue Jays have all the reasons to celebrate their emphatic win over Baltimore Orioles to bag their first American League East division championship in 22 years, on Wednesday.

One of the Blue fans commented, “I’m still stunned,” he said moments after the Jays’ historic win. “If it was a close game that would be one thing, but what a tour de force to win it like that.”

The Blue Jays clinched their first AL East Title as they beat the Orioles 15-2, during the first game in the double header.

The Star reported that fans kept celebrating the historic win and joined the team in their dugout. The Blues led the Orioles 10-1 before scoring an astounding five runs in the ninth including two home runs hit by Justin Smoak and Jose Bautista.

The CN tower was lit blue to honour the Jays victory. In the seventh inning, Edwin Encarnacio hit his 37th home run of the season which eventually helped the Jays reach double digits in runs. Ryan Goins later hit five hits to ensure the win. The Orioles brought their total score to 2 as they scored just a single run in the ninth.

The Jays Manager, John Gibbons, celebrated with his team. Anthopoulos who replaced J.P. Richard in 2009 said that talent alone wasn’t sufficient. The Jays needed something else what Gibbons calls “blood-and-guts guys.”

The National Post quoted the youngest GM in the major – Anthopoulos as saying, “I know we talk about it a lot and some people can roll their eyes, but I just lived through this, and it’s real,” Anthopoulos said. “I’ve bombed the other way in the past. Don’t get me wrong, talent’s important. Talent is the first thing that you need, but that other element is huge.”

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