Andy Murray gets angry on the second day of Roland Garros

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It might have been because of the weather, or his opponent’s gamesmanship, but Andy Murray has become temperamental on his match against Radek Stepanek on the 2nd day of French Open 2016.

Murray complained and had let out a lot of curses during the first round of the match, which lasted for almost 3 hours until the match had to be stopped because of bad lighting. Stepanek leads the first round with 6-3 6-3 0-6 2-4.

The 2nd seed was convinced Stepanek was stalling when he took a toilet break and brought it up to the umpire, Damien Dumusoi, who agreed with Murray and gave Stepanek a time violation when he came back to the court.

Murray lost the first two sets but gained control over the 3rd set and led the fourth set with 4-2 before the match was stopped.

It is only recent when Murray and his ex-coach Amélie Mauresmo announced their mutual end of the partnership. The birth of her son is said to be the main reason for their split, but it was later revealed on Mauresmo’s interview with L’Equipe that the other reason for their split is Murray’s complexity and the outbursts that he gets on the court. Mauresmo claimed that how Murray is in the court can be different from how he is life and that she found it quite confusing.

On the other hand, Murray also told L’Equipe of his need to express his emotions in the court. He claimed that some people told him that he is better when he doesn’t show emotions when playing while some said it’s completely the opposite and that it is hard for him to determine the truth.

However, he admits that he feels embarrassed with how he reacts on the court sometimes, and that “the way in which you react is not necessarily linked to what you really think, on reflection.”

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Andy Murray

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