NASCAR champ Kyle Busch to go through the knife next month

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Injuries he sustained on his left foot and right leg will force NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Kyle Busch to go through several surgeries.

He suffered those injuries last February in a crash at Daytona. A compound fracture on his lower right leg and a mid-foot fracture on his left foot leaves him without a choice but to have them treated. These were incurred where his Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota went head-on with a concrete wall in the opener of the NASCAR XFINITY Series competition.

He had to miss out on the first 11 Sprint Cup races. In a teleconference last Tuesday, Busch shared that his scheduled surgeries will happen middle of December.

“I’m not exactly sure yet when it’s going to be, if it’s the week after the NASCAR banquet or the week after that. So I think its mid-December, the 14th or 15.”

Though it could be straining, Busch wants to undergo both surgeries in one day. The leg surgery will require about a month to rehabilitation. With the timeline, Busch will still be well enough for the 2016 NASCAR season.

He has yet to receive confirmation that he’ll be having both surgeries in one day, so the newly-crowned champion is just waiting for the word.

“I’m going to be down for probably about four weeks with the leg. Just having to re-go through the knee and to cut the knee open again in order to pull the rod out. That’s going to be the most traumatic part and just having that have to heal and go back together and let the muscle get back together, and of course, the tendon as well, too.”

The foot injury will be quicker to heal, according to Busch.

The 30-year-old American racer said, that when the foot surgery is done, and if the plates and screws are already out, he will be able to walk on the said leg right away.

“It’ll be to rehab to make sure that all the joints that have been immobilized for the last nine months, we get them kind of woken back up in a smooth fashion and break it in.”

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