NASCAR denied endorsing Donald Trump, CEO Brian France is in question

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In line with the comments that NASCAR CEO Brian France has been receiving regarding his personal endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump, a NASCAR spokesperson clarified that NASCAR does not endorse candidates.

With this clear statement of NASCAR, it would likely taint the statement made recently by Donald Trump thanking NASCAR for the alleged endorsement.  Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports, quoted Trump’s statement last Monday regarding the endorsement issue.

“I want to thank NASCAR,” Trump said. “Brian France was with us last week at a venue and he got up on behalf of NASCAR. And Brian’s an amazing guy, he’s done some job I’ll tell you that. And for them to endorse me was really a very great honor. Thank you very much.”

There seems to be confusion about the action of France endorsing Trump that even Trump himself might have interpreted such gesture as a move of the entire enterprise. And even though France, later on, issued a letter regarding his personal decision, it did not stop criticisms from pouring down, possibly affecting the public’s perception of NASCAR.

In an interview with The Associated Press last Wednesday, France stated that clarifications were made regarding his recent action. He then emphasized that his liking of Trump was because of his belief in the man’s “business approach” and his friendship with Donal Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. He also defended himself that he does not share the immigration views of Trump, which is usually preceded by racial undertones.

“I was frankly, very surprised, that my diversity efforts for my whole career would have been called into question, over this, in my view, a routine endorsement.

I’m not supporting him for all of his views, or his immigration views. I happen to be very enamored with the excitement he’s brought and the voter turnout that it is creating,” France stated.

Regardless of the explanations given by NASCAR’s CEO, it cannot be denied that serious repercussions might affect the business that his family had established. It has already been reported that one of the most dominant teams in the said sport has been upset by France’s actions and that some corporate sponsors might break its bond with NASCAR.

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