NBA 2015: Anthony Davis on Pelicans’ Slump ‘We just don’t play hard all the time’

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Coming into the 2015-2016 NBA Season, there were high hopes for the New Orleans Pelicans after finishing last season with a 45-37 record before falling to the Golden State Warriors in the 1st round of the playoffs.

With the new kids in the neighborhood maturing for another year and lead by a rising star in Anthony Davis, things would turn out well right? Not!

Instead, the Pelicans are now on 10-21 after the first 31 games in the season and carries the 4th worst record in the NBA (2nd worst in the Western Conference behind the Lakers)

“We just don’t play hard all the time,” Pelicans forward Anthony Davis said about their slump reported by

“That starts with our first unit coming out and setting the pace and setting the tone for the rest of the game and setting the tone for the guys that sub in especially after halftime. That’s kind of been our thing this year. It starts with the first unit and it starts with me.”

Davis is currently frustrated on how his teams come in games. It is evident that the Pelicans didn’t have the fire that they used to have after the loss to the Orlando Magic, 104-89, and in a game that they had it close at the end of the 1st half then thrown the game away then thrown away in the 2nd half.

“It was frustration with the game,” Davis said. “We’re coming out the third quarter and we’re not playing hard. They are doing everything they want and we’re turning the ball over. We were down four then we were down 10. It was just frustration with us not playing hard, including myself.”

“Teams go into halftime and make adjustments and get into us and pressure us and we haven’t been good with that all year,” Davis said. “We kind of struggle and teams come down and capitalize and we start complaining and doing whatever and they’re trying to take advantage of it.”

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