NBA 2015: Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan Slams Teammates for Lack of Effort

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The Clippers came off with one of the hottest off season movements in franchise history, but coming in the 2015-2016 season, the highest hopes of winning an NBA Championship seemed dim as they are currently sitting in 4th place at the Western Conference standings with an underachieving 16-12 record.

“This was one through 12 tonight,” said Doc Rivers, who considered removing his starters in the first half. “I just thought we were flat, lacked energy.”

With their latest loss to the Houston Rockets, Chris Paul can’t help but voice out his current feelings about his team.

“We’re not a team that anybody needs to be worried about, I’ll tell you that,” said Chris Paul.

“Not right now.”

The Clippers boosted their lineup by signing triple-double threat – Lance Stephenson, clutch performer – Paul Peirce, acquired the shot blocking demon – Josh Smith and controversially re-signed center – DeAndre Jordan. With those moves including acquiring able role players like Wesley Johnson and Cole Aldrich – the Clippers were an easy pick to come out strong in the Western Conference.

Clippers’ Center, Deandre Jordan is quick to admit faults on his end.

We came out with no energy, no intensity on both ends of the floor,” Clippers center DeAndre Jordan said. “This loss was on the starters. We came out and we didn’t establish anything, really.”

Clippers’ fans have full confidence with Doc Rivers as the head coach of their favored team because of his championship pedigree with the Boston Celtics but with what is happening, Rivers had a difficult time motivation his team.

“This was one through 12 tonight,” said Doc Rivers, “I just thought we were flat, lacked energy.”

“When you fly for one game and check into your ‘hotel’ home and then you leave, that’s a road game,” Doc Rivers said as an excuse for the loss against the Rockets.

“That’s the way I viewed it. I’ll be glad to get home, I’ll tell you that, but then we’ve got a tough game when we get home.”

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