NBA 2015: Kobe Bryant open to end basketball career in Rio Olympics

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Announcing his retirement at the end of the season in November 29, 2015 – the basketball world was shook and fans have been suggesting that Kobe Bryant should end his career in a positive note.

One of the suggestions was for Bryant to wear the Team USA Basketball jersey for one last time and fly to Rio De Janerio for the Olympics in 2016. A lasting image of Kobe Bryant wearing a Olympic Gold Medal around his neck would be the perfect way to go out.

Just like fellow Laker, Magic Johnson and Celtic-legend, Larry Bird – Kobe could probably follow their footsteps and retire as a winner.

In a international media conference call that was initiated by NBA’s Mike Perrelli with Kobe Bryant, the question on going out with a bang in Rio can’t help but be asked. Here is his response:

“I mean we’ll see,” said Kobe Bryant. “I mean it’s not something I’m absolutely pressing for but being part of the Olympics is such a beautiful experience.”

Kobe added that growing up in Italy as a kid learning the game of basketball by watching his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant play for an Italian basketball club, he saw the game grow internationally and it would be great for him to finish the game he loved in an international stage.

“I grew up overseas. I grew up in Italy so to be able to see how basketball became such an international sport firsthand, it would be a beautiful thing personally to be able to finish my career on an international stage”

Right now, Kobe is averaging sub par numbers with 17.29 points per game and shooting 34% from the field in his first 24 games in the 2015-2016 NBA season with the Lakers, it is evident that his body is starting to wear down.

Bryant, who is open to capture another record as the only NBA player to capture 3 Olympic Gold Medals in Rio, will check if his body will still respond well to the game at the end of the season.

“But that being said, we’ll see how everything goes,” ended Bryant.


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