NBA 2015: LeBron James to Sit Out Games in Protest? Check Details

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In the wake of Tamir Rice’s murder case trial, the city of Cleveland is outraged with the judges decision not to indict the two Cleveland police officers who accidentally shot the child who was just holding an airsoft gun on November 22, 2014.

The netizens of Cleveland now calls on their hometown icon, LeBron James, to help fight for Tamir Rice’s case by requesting him to sit out the games until justice is given.

The hashtag #NoJusticeNoLebron has been pressuring James to react on what transpired during the court trial.

The situation puts LeBron James in a tight position as the Cleveland Cavaliers are protecting the best record in the Eastern Conference.

James participated in the Miami Heat’s “I Can’t Breathe” campaign in support for Trayvor Martin’s death in Florida back in 2012 and the city of Cleveland expects that he do the same for Tamir Rice.

As of to date, there has been no response yet on how LeBron James would react and show support for the unjust killing of Rice.


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