NBA 2015: Spurs Gregg Popovich Funny Interview; Trolls on Reporter

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Wikimedia/ Zereshk

Is Gregg Popovich indicating the start of a rough season? San Antonio Spurs head coach is definitely hard to handle when it comes to interviews. Arguably the best coach in NBA history, his often surly and terse interviews with the reporters have been questioned in the past. With the NBA season starting next month, Popovich was seen bullying and seemingly punking one of the NBA reporters ahead of their Team’s media day.

The interview starts with nothing much to laugh about, but gets amusing once it takes its course. The 66-year-old legendary coach is asked some light hearted questions about his beard, by NBA reporter, Jared Greenberg, and it turns awkward for the reporter when the coach decides to bully him replying, ”Are there some questions here you’re going to ask me? Or what are we going to do?,” notes the Sydney Morning Herald.

The interviewer follows up with his second question about loosing the camaraderie with new faces in the camp to which Popovich replies, “I don’t remember saying that. I think you made that up” exclaiming that he has no idea what the reporter is talking about.

Without any flinches, Greenberg asks his third and fourth question subsequently only to find the Coach’s weird response.

Yahoo Sports reports that, Greenberg’s reaction was even more fantastic, having thrown into this kind of professional abyss. With a straight face, Greenberg is seen not amused at all by Pop’s reactions to his inquiries infront of the camera and seemed not to like being the butt of a joke.

Greenberg later took to the micro blogging site, Twitter, to share his experience with the three-time NBA coach, shrugging any discomfort during the interview process.


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