NBA 2015: Steph Curry vs Reggie Miller; ‘I’d take down Steph at my peak’

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Reggie Miller

The barbershop debate on what if Steph Curry and Reggie Miller lived and play on the same era. Like now. Reggie chimed in on the discussion and insisted that Curry had been that successful because of the system that the Golden State Warriors run which centers on Curry to be able to make easy 3-point shots.

“They shouldn’t ask him to take shots outside of their system,” said Miller.

“What makes them great is ball movement and man movement. For him to jack shots up for the sake of jacking them up, that would be against who they are.”

As of the moment, the hall-of-famer does not count Curry yet as the best shooters in the history of the NBA but he is in a good position to be one.

“He still has a lot of chapters to write, but, right now, you could certainly consider him among the top five shooters of all time.”

“The streak that Steph has been on since last season rivals the greats of the game. It’s hard to say he’s better than Larry Bird or he’s better than Steve Kerr, his coach, because those guys did it for much longer,’ added Miller.

Miller acknowledges that Curry is still improving and the ceiling of his game is yet to be seen.

“But for this short a period he’s in that group. And he keeps improving. If he can beat his own record for most threes in a season, then you’ve got to consider him one of the best ever.”

Now the question if he and Curry were to be match up to each other, this is what he has to say:

“All truly great shooters—Dale Ellis, Larry Bird, Craig Hodges, Chris Mullin—we always believed that we were the best shooters in the world,” said Miller.

“So, yeah, I’d take down Steph at my peak. Sure, my form wasn’t as good as his. But it’s all about results, man.”

More than that, Miller took a shot to his longtime rival – Michael Jordan – that Curry is a better team leader than the player that is hailed as the ‘greatest of all time’.

“You don’t have to be like Mike anymore,” Miller told Bethea. “You know, Mike was an assh–e. I was an assh–e, too. But you don’t have to be an assh–e to be successful. Steph is living proof.”

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