NBA 2015: Stephen Curry Says Teams Can’t Copy Warriors; Here’s Why

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Last season, the Golden State Warriors emerged as the most impressive team in NBA, engineering a style of basketball that many thought would not even work out. But look at where they are now. They have gotten even better.

They are now like a well-oiled machine and are immensely getting better with each passing game.  Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry accepts this and says that other teams can’t copy them.

In an interview with ESPN, Curry said: “You can try to copy it, but you won’t have the personnel. There isn’t another Draymond Green, another Klay, another Andre. If you put your small-ball lineup next to ours, we like our chances.”

Acknowledging the fact that they have learned to win games in all sorts of ways, Curry in the interview says, “Individually, everybody’s taken their game up a notch. As a team, it’s chemistry.”

“Our core has been together for four years, five years for some. And we’re in our second year in Coach [Steve] Kerr’s system, which he always said is when you get your bearings, not just the playcalls but the principles, the fundaments of how to get our shots, how to play up-tempo, how to defend. It’s innate now. We’ve learned how to win games in all sorts of ways. We play with a lot of confidence and flair, but I think we’re a humble team. We know we can get better.”

With the Warriors’ small ball-line up of himself, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green, the team is surely getting better with each game.

Thompson has established himself as a deadly shooter with great length who can go off in huge bursts at any time. It is his ability from deep that forces teams to respect him.

Barnes possesses good skills in every part of the game and is always there when you need a basket when Thompson or Curry can’t get it for you. He can shoot and defend as well.

Iguodala is the vet among all of these young, talented players possessing great size, both in length and in strength. He can guard a variety of players occasionally can provide 3-point shooting, although he is clearly lower on the totem pole when it comes to that on this team.

Green is truly a unique player. He can guard anybody at any position and has become one of the best defensive players in the game.

The ability to knock down 3-pointers at will and force teams to guard all five guys on the floor is what makes the Warriors so deadly especially in the small ball lineup. It was also the key in defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals last season.

So when Curry says that teams can try to copy them but won’t have personnel, perhaps he is just being plain honest.

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