NBA All Star 2016 uniforms unveiled

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NBA unveils All Star 2016 uniforms

The NBA All Star 2016 uniforms and other apparel have been officially unveiled by the league and Adidas on Thursday.

For the second straight year, Adidas chose to go the simple route with the jerseys. This, after last year’s designs – patterned after the early days of New York – earned high praises.

The design has put together elements indigenous to Canada and also pays homage to Toronto’s NBA history, passionate basketball fans, and cosmopolitan energy.

It traces back to the types of jerseys worn by the Toronto Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers, the two teams who faced each other in the very first NBA game on November 1, 1946.

As a tribute of sorts to Toronto, hosting the centerpiece event for the first time, the back of the jerseys will feature the maple life and the city skyline, while the shorts will show a raptor claw carved into a star.

NBA All Star 2016 uniforms unveiled


NBA All Star 2016 uniforms unveiled


“This is the first NBA All-Star Game to be played outside the United States, and it is a very exciting time for basketball in Canada,” said Chris Grancio, adidas global basketball general manager on NBA.com.

“To honor this global celebration and pay tribute to Toronto — the site of the NBA’s first game — we’ve incorporated design elements that are inspired by the city’s basketball history, sports culture and unique fashion scene to make an All-Star collection that players and fans will love.”

The All Star uniform will also feature the Kia logo on the upper left corner of the jersey, a deal negotiated by NBA’s TV partner, Turner Sports, as part of a one-time logo patch deal test.

Said logo will also be on all jerseys to be sold at retail.

The NBA All Star jerseys ($70 – $110), as well as a full range of NBA All-Star apparel, including adult and youth T-shirts ($20 – $30), adult track jackets ($110 – $200) and headwear ($20 – $26), will be available on NBAStore.com starting January 21, once participating players have been selected.

Select NBA All-Star merchandise will also be available internationally on NBAStore.eu and NBAStore.cn.

The annual NBA All Star game is slated for February 14.

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