NBA All Star: Shaq plays the Russian judge in slam dunk contest

Shaq gets stingy in giving Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon 10s for impressive dunks, then gets an earful from NBA players on Twitter.

Shaquille O’Neal was a devastating in-game dunker during his soon-to-be Hall of Fame NBA career, tearing down rims left and right in his rookie season in 1992. In the Slam Dunk contest featuring an epic showdown between the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine and Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon, Shaq was one of the harshest judges ever.


Shaq had a front-row seat to the best dunks ever in contest’s history, but he seems to have lofty standards for both instant legends:

Even Spike Lee was surprised with the consistent disapproval by Shaquille O’Neal of their impressive dunks:

But eventually, The Big Aristotle softened his stance on both LaVine and Gordon, giving them 10s with these beauties in the final round:

After the contest was over, players from all over the NBA was on Shaq’s case and gave him an earful over Twitter:

Well, at least Shaq played his role as the Russian judge well.

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