NBA: Delonte West facing the harsh realities of life, ex-NBA player found barefoot on the streets

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Former NBA player Delonte West was recently seen outside a Jack in the Box restaurant, reportedly barefoot at the time.

Life can be extremely harsh, even to someone who was once on top of the world. Delonte West found that out recently.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers guard had made news headlines recently for calling LeBron James out on social media, for which he was laughed at. However, recent photos of the former superstar walking around barefoot in Houston are far from funny.

The former NBA star was spotted outside the Jack in the Box restaurant last week. It was around 10 p.m. when Delonte was seen by a fan. He was reportedly not wearing any shoes and was donning a hospital gown, according to TMZ.

The fan approached the former NBA guard and asked him whether he was Delonte West.

“I used to be, but I’m not about that life anymore.” West replied.

Both of them then clicked photos which completely show the man from Washington D.C. out of himself.

The NBA star had suffered with bipolar disorder in the past. Due to this, many people are suspecting that the former NBA player might be fighting a mental illness.

Delonte West also has a scandal tagged to his name. In 2012, he was alleged to having a relationship with LeBron James’ mother, Gloria.

Regardless of any reason, we all hope that West gets all the help he requires to fight out of the situation he is in. This is also a reminder for all that no one is immune to the struggles of life despite their stature in the society.

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