NBA: Durant still out for at least two more games

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Kevin Durant injured his left hamstring against the Washington Wizards on Tuesday. But, the Oklahoma City star said, he is feeling much better.

He has not re-joined practice yet and is set to be re-evaluated in a few days to assess the recovery of his injury.

Sustaining a hamstring injury may be common but playing through it is though.

“Hamstrings are a little different. You can re-injure them easily but it will be tough though if you try to play through them.” Said Durant.

He is not in a rush to get back on court, citing he wants to make sure everything is perfect before his comeback.

Last season, he missed a total of 55 games due to several injuries including surgeries on a Jones fracture, severe ankle sprain and toe injury.  Missing out on a couple of games is not a new thing for Durant, but this time around, he wants things in their rightful places upon his return.

“This time, I will make sure I am fully healed and confident about going out there and playing again.”

The former MVP isn’t bothered that he is injured again. It may be frustrating, yes, but on a lighter note, he believes that one should look at the brighter side of things.

“I’m breathing, my mom is alright, my family is good.” Said Durant before OKC’s game against the Boston Celtics on Sunday.

“Hamstring strain – as long as I don’t have surgery and go through that process again, it’s just a minor bump in the road. It’s unfortunate, but it’s nothing to hang my head over.”

In his NBA career, this is the first time Durant sustained a muscle injury.

Rust and regaining rhythm may be an issue to some, the NBA All-Star is still optimistic. After all, he is the 2013-2014 MVP who averaged 28.1 points per game on a 50.3 percent shooting.

When asked for a timetable for his return, Durant said, “Probably December.”

“Nah,” he said, laughing. “Who knows?” It’s a day-to-day thing. They said a week to ten days that they’ll look back at it, so we’ll see after that.

It is frustrating for a top athlete to be sidelined anew due to another injury but for Durant, “I want to play. I felt I was in a good groove before, but it’s a part of the game. I have been working my tail off every single day to regain form and be 100%.”


Anthony Morrow took over Durant’s spot in the last two games that he missed, and so far, Morrow’s been playing well. He’s been seen mimicking Durant’s off-ball movements while the team adjusts to the offense of their new head coach Billy Donovan.

“Morrow’s been playing well, but I do want my spot back.” Said Durant.

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