NBA: Houston Rockets regroup to address pressing concerns

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The Houston Rockets held a players-only meeting at the Toyota Center to further discuss issues underlying their dismal 2013 season as well as their four-game skid.

During a players-only meeting, transparency, honesty, suggestions, and constructive criticisms will be the main points. Struggles are faced by each individual but all these can be resolved with the help of each team member.

Details of the said meeting weren’t, and probably, will not be revealed.

Dwight Howard, in the following practice said, “What happens in the room, stays in the room.”

“It was good for us to sit down and talk. It’s a long season and we can’t help but get caught up in losing a couple of games. It gets us upset and feel so frustrated and feel like it’s the end of the world. We hate to lose but at the same time, we have a long season to think ahead. We can’t entertain negative thoughts when we lose. We have to try and find the positive in any situation. If you keep on thinking negative, then negative things will come and happen to you. You have to stay positive and fight through it. All these will build our character.”

The Rockets went on a 0-3 start, but won their next four games including away games against Sacramento and Los Angeles Clippers. They dropped the next four games, not even breaching the century-point mark in those games.

The average of their setbacks is under 20 points. Their recent losses came from the hands of the then-winless Brooklyn Nets and a short-handed Dallas Mavericks team. They also dropped their game against Denver, and recently, against Boston last Monday. The Celtics played their fifth game in a week when they overpowered the Rockets.

The stinging loss to the Celtics had point guard Ty Lawson suggest a team meeting. “We brought everything up, and it turned out well,” he said.

“We got open feelings and communication. It feels like we are now on the same page.”

James Harden also felt it was a productive meeting. After averaging 38.5 points per game in their victories, Harden’s numbers dipped to 20.9 points per game in their losses.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to open up like that since the season had been going. After the talk, we had one of the best practice as guys communicated and worked hard. Now, it’ll be about translating what we have discussed on the floor.”

The Rockets will face the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday.

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