NBA: James Harden gave away all of his old Nike sneakers to a lucky fan

James Harden, who signed with German sportswear brand adidas during the off-season, said that he disposed of all his Nike sneakers to his biggest fan.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden is just a few months into his $200 million deal with German shoe brand adidas and he is already reaping some of the benefits, including a soon to be announced signature sneaker line and lifestyle apparel.

Even Kanye West, one of the brand’s leading influencers, has given Harden a Yeezy care package as part of the truckload that arrived at his doorstep on the day his partnership kicked in last October 1.

But what happened to the stuff he got from the Nike, the former brand that James Harden endorsed?

In an interview with Sole Collector, James Harden said that he quickly gave away all of his Nike branded apparel to his biggest fan – his mother – when his deal with adidas kicked in.

“I gave them to my mom and told her to do whatever with them,” Harden said in an interview with Sole Collector. “I don’t need them anymore.”

Simply put, James Harden just cemented his place as the top dog in the adidas catalog, alongside the likes of Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard. However, his extensive input in the design process of his upcoming signature line has him head above shoulders over both Rose and Lillard.

Additionally, Harden is in the process of designing his exclusive signature line with adidas and isn’t too worried about the design process taking too long, as long as the finished product will take shape to his liking.

“It’s in the process right now. I want my first shoe to be well thought of and not just have the adidas symbol on it,” Harden said. “I’m in conversations [with designers] and it’s taking some time, but I’m fine with that.”

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