NBA: Magic Johnson says ‘Showtime’ Lakers will blow out’ Warriors

Magic Johnson said the ‘Showtime’ Los Angeles Lakers from the 1980s will rout the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors, under one condition…

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson is known for his outspoken remarks – especially when defending his ‘Showtime’-era Lakers – and he stirred a Hornet’s nest with his latest remark.

In an appearance on ESPN First Take, Skip Bayless posed the question of which team would win in a matchup of the current Golden State Warriors team and the ‘Showtime’ Lakers at its peak.

Confidently, Johnson said that his team would dominate. And dominate in a one-sided match.

“We’d blow them out,” Magic Johnson said. “They’re too small for us. Too many mismatches. They wouldn’t want to see us…We’re the best of our time, and they’re the best of this time.”

From there, Magic Johnson went serious and further explained his point.

“Most times, a team on a fastbreak like our “Showtime” Lakers, we went for the layup. This team [the Golden State Warriors] runs for 3-pointers. It’s amazing. And they can do both. They can get layups and they can go hit that 3-pointer right off the bounce, off the dribble,”

“Steph Curry, we’ve never seen a player like that because most times, we can see players shoot when going off the ball from a pass, or go off the dribble. We can’t see a guy who can do both often too many times. Then you take Klay, he’s probably the best shooter in the NBA, and he’s second fiddle to his own teammate.”

Then, Johnson finally softened from his intial stance and resigned to the point that both teams will win in their respective eras.

“They would probably beat us with these rules, we would blow them out with our rules,” he declared. “Every time Steph cut to the lane, that elbow would be right in his mouth … remember you could check back thing … So they would probably beat us with these rules, we would beat them with our rules.”

The Warriors won 67 regular season games last year, and are 46-4 this season.

The most wins for the Lakers during Magic’s playing career was 65 in 1986-87.

“I love what they’re (the Warriors) doing. Nobody plays better as a team than them,” Magic added. “San Antonio is right there. They (the Warriors) love playing with each other. They trust each other. They don’t mind getting on each other. They don’t take it personal.”

Watch the full ESPN First Take interview below, which includes some interesting tidbits on Johnson’s alma mater Michigan State:


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