NBA News 2015: Tristan Thompson Declines Cavs Offer; Wants $94M

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson remain $14 million apart in contract talks.

According to ESPN.com, with the training camp starting next week, Thompson is looking to gain maximum contract of $94 million over the span of five years, while the Cavaliers have offered $ 80 million for the same span. With both sides not hinting at a change in their proposals, the talks have virtually remained at a standstill since early July.

Restricted free agent Thompson may sign with the Cavs’ for one-year with a qualifying offer of $6.9 million to become an unrestricted free agent next year. Rich Paul, Thompson’s agent, remained doubtful about Thompson’s contract in 2016 with Cleveland if he doesn’t get the maximum contract which he is seeking.

The Cav’s aren’t budging from what they are offering which stands at $16 million per year to Thompson. The 24-year-old Thompson would be in line with deals recently given to Draymond Green ($16.4 million annually) and Jonas Valanciunas ($16 million). Enes Kanter, on the other hand, is getting paid $17.5 million per year who picked a spot ahead of Thompson in the 2011 draft.

Thompson expects that there should be a strong market for him next summer, when more than 20 teams are expected to have more than $20 million in salary-cap space. Thompson haven’t missed a game in more than three seasons now and believes that he will get more offers that might average more than $20 million per year.

What has strengthened Thompson’s resolution to stand by his number is the fact that Cavs’ big men Kevin Love (shoulder), Anderson Varejao (Achilles) and Timofey Mozgov (knee) are all coming into training camp after surgeries.

Fox Sports reported, “Its difficult to take his agent’s threats seriously even if Thompson plays this season with one-year of qualifying offer. But perhaps the feeling in Thompson’s camp is something along the lines of, if the Cavaliers won’t give him a max contract now, they won’t give him one next summer.”

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