NBA News: Monty Williams speak of forgiveness in his wife’s funeral speech; LeBron James shows respect

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Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams recently lost his wife. LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers shared his support towards Monty Williams and offered respect to his wife.

LeBron James was flying high after his Cavaliers defeated the Chicago Bulls, but foudn the time to offer his support for Monty Williams.

Ingrid Williams, who was 44, died because due to a car accident on Feb. 4, 2016. Monty Williams delivered a powerful message at his wife’s funeral.

“I want to close with this, and I think it’s the most important thing we need to understand. We cannot serve the Lord if we don’t have a heart of forgiveness.” Williams said, as reported by For The Win.

Three of Williams’ children were injured because of the accident and driver of the other car was spot dead at the scene.

Both Monty and Ingrid had five children Micah, Fatih, Elijah, Lael and Janna. They were happily married for 20 years and were owner of a book named “Look Again 52”.

There were several NBA players and coaches who were present at the funeral, including the likes of Chris Paul, Gregg Popovich, Doc Rivers, Tim Duncan and the entire Thunder squad.

The Thunder said that around 900 people attended the “Celebration of Life for Ingrid Williams” at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City.

The other people with NBA ties who attended the event were, Kiki VanDeWeghe, Tom Thibodeau, Ryan Anderson and Alvin Gentry.

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