NBA News: LeBron James finds Stephen Curry unique

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has joined the bandwagon like the rest to give his opinion on Stephen Curry. The former Miami Heat star believes that Curry is unique and that no one in the history of NBA matches the like of the Golden State Warriors point guard.

Stephen Curry threw a 38-foot 3-pointer, game-winning shot in overtime to get past the Oklahoma City Thunder last Saturday. The legendary performance from the 27-year-old tied an NBA record for most three-pointers in a game at 12.

Curry also went on to extend his NBA record for three-pointers in a season, which he broke earlier in the game. He has 288 3-pointers this season as compared to last season’s 286. Curry still has 24 more games to play.

Such an unbelievable dominance shown by Curry was enough for LeBron James to speak his heart out on the player. The 31-year-old did so on his Twitter account, stating that Curry compares to no one he has seen in the history of the game. He also called Curry “ridiculous”.

Even though the comment made by LeBron James was well deserved, it was surprising since the four-time MVP winner has been vociferous of the Warriors season. LeBron has regularly stated Warriors’ season as lucky. Hence, one can easily say that the Warriors are in LeBron’s head.

Curry and the Warriors are James’ main threat to the NBA championships this season. They faced defeat to the Cavs in the Finals last season and are likely to face the same fate in June.

Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP and barring any miracles, is on his way towards a back-to-back MVP award. James has won the award consecutively for two times in his career.

The Golden State Warriors have faced the Cavs two times this season and has been victorious on both the occasions. They beat the Cavs by six on Christmas Day and 34 (in Cleveland) last month.

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