NBA Rumors: Jeff Teague trade for George Hill in the works

Jeff Teague
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Jeff Teague appears to be on his way out, as the Hawks are looking to give backup guard Dennis Schroder his chance to shine.

The Atlanta Hawks are ending the first half of their 2015-16 NBA campaign on a rough patch, and signs are pointing towards an impending fire sale of sorts, beginning with starting point guard Jeff Teague.

With a 30-24 (won-lost) record entering the All Star break, the Hawks are looking to blow up its current roster formed around the core of Al Hortford, Kyle Korver, and Teague.

But among the three, it’s Jeff Teague who is drawing the most heat and attention thus far, despite no concrete deals in place for the seven-year NBA veteran.

However, what’s intriguing about Teague thus far in the rumored trade process has been his movement on social media, removing almost all Hawks-related posts on his Instagram account and causing a stir for some observers.

Jeff Teague

Getty Images (via Fansided)

One team interested in Jeff Teague is his hometown Indiana Pacers, who offered their starting guard George Hill, but declined to take up the offer.

Teague, who averaged career-highs of 17.6 points and 1.7 steals last season, became expendable when Dennis Schroder showed flashes of brilliance as the team’s backup point guard. Compounded with a bargain $8 million contract in 2016-17, teams are on the lookout for 27-year old guard.

Other teams said to be in talks with the Atlanta Hawks in the Jeff Teague sweeptstakes include the Utah Jazz, New York Knicks, and Orlando Magic. However, both the Jazz and Knicks failed to secure deals for Teague.

Despite the potential moves, Atlanta Hawks team insiders told ESPN that they are not completely imploding the team, but are instead looking for younger or better talent that would supplant the trio for the long term viability of the team as a contender in the highly competitive Eastern Conference.

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