NBA: Stephen Curry to be the first Kanye West ‘Yeezy’ athlete?

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors (Photo courtesy: Noah Salzman/Wikimedia Commons)

Stephen Curry gives his two cents on being the first member of Team Yeezy of Kanye West, plus his comment on LeBron James saying he doesn’t know Under Armour.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is one of – if not, the – hottest players in the NBA right now. Coming off a championship run last season, the pint-sized shooter has turned heads and commanded respect from the league’s fans.

Among those that benefitted from his magical run last season was Under Armour, which snatched Curry from Nike after the sportswear giant failed to give the reigning most valuable player a signature shoe deal.

Now, as one of the players who are part of the best-selling sneaker lines in the recent holiday season, Stephen Curry got the attention of rapper-turned-fashion mogul Kanye West, who has his own line of lifestyle apparel and footwear with German brand adidas.

But is the star power of Kanye West enough to draw the six-foot-three shooter to Team Yeezy?

“If he wants to come to Team UA, then I’ll make that move. I’ll be here waiting for him. But there’s no way that’s going to happen,” said Curry to Sole Collector.

Stephen Curry clearly opened the door for Kanye West, only to say that it will be under his terms that the two biggest names in sports and lifestyle apparel would ever meet eye-to-eye.

Curry then defended the brand that gave their confidence to him, saying that no one gives Under Armour the credit for its innovation on the footwear standpoint.

“Nobody gives Under Armour credit. We’re the new kid on the block when it comes to basketball, but we’re gaining that credibility. That fever throughout the sneaker crowd is growing. We’re making some good shoes that start with performance, said Curry.

“It’s a good recipe and we’re just getting started. It’s slowly building. We’re at the Curry 2 and we’re already talking Curry 5 right now.”

Then, Curry went on to defend Under Armour from a recent comment made by LeBron James that he didn’t know what Under Armour was.

“Oh, he knows [Under Armour]. That’s why he said that. It just shows the progress we’re making and the momentum that we’re picking up in the sneaker world. We’re a major player in the basketball business when it comes to footwear. People have to be taking notice,” he noted.

Read the full interview with Sole Collector here.

Photo courtesy of Noah Salzman/Wikimedia Commons

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