NBA Trade Alert: Cavs getting Carmelo Anthony via three-way deal in the works? Details

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NBA Trade Rumors Should Carmelo Anthony be traded

In the proposed deal, Carmelo Anthony will be sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he will join fellow Olympian and good friend LeBron James for a run at the NBA title.

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony once again generated buzz during All Star weekend due to a huge trade rumor that could shake up the Eastern Conference landscape after the mid-season break.

The deal in question would involve the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, who are keen on acquiring forward/center Kevin Love, but are expanding discussions to include the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony and are still in the preliminary stages.

According to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News, initial talks suggest that the proposed deal will send Kevin Love to Boston, Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland, while the Knicks receive Timofey Mozgov and draft picks as compensation.

Despite Anthony expressing his desire to stay in the Big Apple and his stance on not waiving his no-trade clause, the 31-year old forward bemoaned in the past that he doesn’t have another star to lighten his load. He also made a cryptic remark about a possible deal.

“Not yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll have that conversation with myself and my family and my team,” said Carmelo Anthony. “But it’s not a conversation for right now.”

With a promising forward Kristaps Porzingis plucked out of obscurity, Anthony has more reasons to stay in New York, especially with Phil Jackson’s desire to keep the team’s core intact. However, the deal will make more sense on the business side and Anthony’s desire to win an NBA title with good friend LeBron James.

“I think everybody kind of dreams and hopes that they can play with another great player, another star player. It’s a star player’s league,” Anthony said. “I think that’s what we talk about when we all get together — ‘I want to play with you, I want to play with you.’ Even here different guys say, ‘Come play with me, come play with me.’ So that’s always the mindset. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it don’t. But I think everybody that’s in my situation, that’s in my position, they all want the load off especially the older they get. Because you realize you just can’t do it all by yourself. Everybody knows that.”

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